“I was on-site a couple weeks ago and walked through the building. I have to say that it is coming along nicely and on target to be one of the nicest shop buildings that we have in the region. I went through the building looking for issues that I would have to include on a punch list and failed to come up with anything. I felt as though I was not doing my job properly while walking through because I wasn’t seeing any issues. Steve has been taking care of the little things as they come up and paying attention to the details, which is often forgotten. I truly appreciate the amount of work that has gone into that building.”

–Darren USFWS

“Thanks for all your help! This project was a breeze :)”

–Brenda ARNG

“I just wanted to let you know that I had a very good encounter with your fence subcontractor this week. Their work was absolutely impeccable, they even finished the concrete in the holes to a level acceptable for a sidewalk. They did have a pretty big oversight though. Instead of using steel tie wires they used aluminum. I spoke with Tom and the sub about it and told them I would verify that steel was required. However, the fence super came back out that evening and retied it with steel. They are an A+ company and a pleasure to deal with. Hope all is well have a great weekend.”

–Customer at Army National Guard in PA

“I wanted to comment that throughout this project, even with the issues we ran into in the field, it was a pleasure working with your Company. It is unfortunately rare to have the occasion to work with a General Contractor that is as respectful, courteous, timely, helpful, and professional as your team has been to me and my crew. I hope you are pleased with the work we performed for you, and look forward to any additional opportunities we may have to work together again.”

–Subcontractor for Air National Guard project in GA.

“I would like to express my appreciation on the professional completion of the warehouse facility here at Avon Park Bombing Range, FL. Mr. Richard DeCoursey as Superintendent executed the project in a professional manner… I recommend K-Con and Richard DeCoursey for all subsequent projects at this base or any other Government or private sector projects.”

–Operations & Maintenance Manager, Avon Park Air Force Range, FL.

“K-Con did a superb job in all phases of this project from management to ground breaking. The project supervisor was very professional…” (Rated: Outstanding)

–Performance Evaluation, NMCB 24, Huntsville, AL

“Contractor was very professional and competent, paid attention to details. On site Supt. was highly skilled and managed sub-contractors effectively. I would recommend this company for any similar work in the future.” (Rated: Above Average)

–Performance Evaluation, 127CECC, Selfridge ANG Base, MI

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