The 5 Criteria

Performance & Quality

  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Every individual be at their best
  • Use historical performance
  • Communicate (internally first)
  • Utmost attention / knowledge of the service and product they need
  • Anticipate customer’s needs
  • Establish / maintain good working relationships
  • Do only what you do best
  • Have measurables / standards
  • Be organized
  • Identify problems and resolve promptly

Be Dependable and Reliable

  • Do what we say when we say
  • Provide realistic schedules
  • Meet the schedules
  • Let them know early if we can’t meet
  • Keep customers informed
  • Stay one step ahead
  • Provide quality materials
  • Execute with good sub-contractors
  • Have quality engineering
  • Qualify the requirements (define scope properly)

Be Easy To Do Business With

  • Contracting vehicles
  • Adaptability
  • Customer service / availability
  • Accessibility
  • Never pass the buck
  • Be friendly
  • Information technology
  • Understand customer’s needs / wants
  • Know when to walk away

Show We Care · They Couldn’t Have Made A Better Choice

  • Accept each other’s comments
  • Professional looking proposals, drawings, etc.
  • Appearances
  • Clean, professional, friendly, helpful, can-do company
  • Quality, performance, dependable
  • Thank you notes – job follow up
  • Framed photos of projects
  • Surveys
  • Efforts to improve

Provide Lasting Value

  • K-CON works with each customer to determine what their definition of “value” is

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