Metal Building Insulation

We often receive inquiries about the many ins and outs of insulation – whether looking at a quote or a contracted job. Do you really know what is the best solutionfor your needs?

Here’s a short guide to “R Values”:

R-Values vs. Insulation Nominal Thickness in inches

R-10 = 3”
R-11 = 3-1/2”
R-13 = 4”
R-19 = 6”
R-25 = 8”
R-30 = 9-1/2”

Insulation R-values are based on the full thickness of the insulation in the wall or roof system.
Sometimes project insulation requirements conflict with wall or roof designs creating “insulation compression”. Compression of insulation results in lower R-Values which can have negative effects on energy costs and building comfort, etc. The K-Con pre-construction team is proactive and identifies possible “insulation compression” situations. We then communicate solutions to help that customer achieve the R-Value intended.